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Government of the Republic of Srpska elected on 30 November 2006


Government of the Republic of Srpska elected on 30 November 2006


Prime Minister: MILORAD DODIK


Members of the Government:

1. Rajko Ubiparip, Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining

2. Aleksandar Dzombic, Minister of Finance  

3. Anton Kasipovic, Minister of Education and Culture

4. Dzerard Selman, Minister of Justice

5. Proko Dragosavljevic, Minister of Family, Youth and Sports

6. Stanislav Cadjo, Minister of the Interior

7. Zoran Lipovac, Minister of Administration and Local Self-Government

8. Ranko Skrbic, Minister of Health and Social Security

9. Radivoje Bratic, Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management

10. Nedeljko Cubrilovic, Minister of Traffic and Communications

11. Predrag Gluhakovic, Minister of Trade and Tourism

12. Fatima Fetibegovic, Minister of Spatial Planning, Civil Engineering and Ecology

13. Bosko Tomic, Minister of Labor and Veterans

14. Jasna Brkic, Minister of Economic Relations and Coordination

15. Omer Brankovic, Minister for Refugees and Displaced Persons

16 Bakir Ajanovic, Minister of Science and Technology ​

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